Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Danville Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing
We wanted to sincerely thank everyone for their continued support in our family club. We moved into the larger space in 2016 and could not have done it without all of you. We cannot express how appreciative we are to everyone. From major construction, moving mats, putting in the kickboxing beam, getting approvals from the city, spreading the good word and referrals to friends, and a whole lot more. It seriously chokes me up (pun intented) when I think about how much support everyone has given us in keeping this dream going. Our ultimate goal is have a Club that has something positive and healthy for the entire family. By adding Kickboxing, Executive Jiu Jitsu, and One on One training, we feel our offering has truly expanded. In 2017 we plan to add even more and we will keep posted as we make progress.

Here are some Highlights I thought would be fun as we reflect on 2016.

1. Our kids team took first place at the 2016 Naga Championships with over 50 schools competing. Not bad for a team that started in 2014 with just 12 kids. It was fun to see them win a big team competition but it was far better seeing them grow, persevere, demonstrate toughness, hard work, resileince, and have the confidence to put themselves in a tough situation and give their best.
2. Our Adults won and placed at some of the biggest Jiu Jiu competitions in CA.

3. Our Adults competed at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships and took home 4 gold medals !

4. We had an amazing parents night where the kids brought their parents or big siblings and did a class together.

5. Team Gear- We finally got our clothing and designs together so we could have our team gear launched. It is so fun to see people wearing Danville Jiu Jitsu gear at the tournaments and around town.

6. Kickboxing is officially offered with Classses 4 days per week. It’s been great seeing the class grow and work together. Having real kickboxing (not the stuff people do in the mirrors at their local gymJ ) has always been something we wanted to offer. Huge thank you to Brian James for putting the bag beam. We could not have done this without him.
7. We added some amazing coaches to help us offer more of the highest level instruction/coaching for our kid and adults. Coach Scott, Thomaz, Marty, and Tamara, have really helped us grow the team.

8. Womens Class and Self Defense Seminars- Steph runs a womens only class which has grown into an amazing learning environment filled with skills that will last a lifetime. She also conducted womens self defense seminars which have been well received.
I have another 20 things I would like to highlight but I want everyone to keep reading my Newsletters again, thanks to everyone in our Club and Happy New Year. Cheers to a great 2017 together.
Best Regards,

Coach Mitch

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